No Assembly Required!

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No Assembly Required!

We all love our phones and online shopping. However, when purchasing furniture online, I highly recommend checking full product details, especially the fine print of “assembly required”.

As with all social media outlets, the furniture pictures look so beautiful, and when I open up that box, silly me, I expect it to look just like the picture. WRONG. As I reviewed several sofas online, I opened up the product reviews and noticed that it was about 50/50 on assembly required; half of the folks putting the sofa together quickly, and then the other half (like me) really having difficulties on getting all the pieces of the sofa together, making it safe to sit upon.

No disrespect to those looking for a furniture “deal” and free shipping, but buyer beware and/or be equipped with power tools and extra time for assembly. Instead, check out our selection at Factory Furniture Outlet, your local furniture store- NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, and we’ll deliver for you! Thanks for shopping LOCAL!

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